we are your reliable partner for any construction site

comerTra offers material, accessoires and replacement, machines and tools for the manufacture, transport and installation of windows, doors, cladding and roofing.

We are partner of more than 100 well known companies in Germany.

Support in technician such as quantity surveys or calculations.

You can find on the following pages an extract of our product range.


If you don´t find the products you are searching - ask us please!
Generally we can offer it at short notice.

Also we can accommodate your customized products in our portfolio.



comerTra is dedicated to the effective and diligent implementation of the Quality Management System that leads to the continual improvement in our product and business management processes.


To attain company objectives, comertras  top management is committed to:


  • Enable people to use their abilities for the common benefit of the organization and themselves.
  • Ensure that the company resources are managed as one cohesive process.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of its business processes
  • Ensure that the Suppliers/Subcontractor’s relationships are mutually valuable and foster strengthened quality objectives
  • Comply with all legislations, codes of practices, industry standards, and specifications.
  • Establish measureable quality targets and goals on an annual basis to support the achievement of its policy objectives.
  • Regularly review and revise this Policy to ensure it remains current and relevant.