We do not just want to satisfy our customers, we want to inspire them. Bringing ideas that drive our customers 'business forward and excite our customers' customers. We consistently make everything successful and tackle new things - optimistic, dynamic and assertive. The long-standing success of comerTra is based on a very special corporate philosophy, which focuses on the common values that define our daily activities.









We are passionate about our customers: We do not just want to satisfy them, we want to inspire them.
Above all, customer-oriented sales, the associated service concept and the high-quality
level of quality characterize the comerTra products and services.


In doing so, we continuously work on how we can better support our customers in their business
 with our solutions. Achieving perfection in every area of action is one of our most important principles.
New things are approached optimistically, dynamically and pragmatically - with only one goal:
to offer each customer his solution.





Protecting the environment as the habitat and most valuable asset of humankind must be protected.
For this reason, we strictly adhere to the RoHS guidelines,


 dispose of our batteries and rechargeable batteries through the GR system,
 use only packaging that is FSC certified.